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Opportunity House Thrift Stores


Store hours

  • Vacaville store hours: Monday-Sunday from 10am-7pm
  • Fairfield store hours: Monday-Sunday from 10am-7pm
  • Senior Discount Day – Monday 30% off – 55 years and older

Donation hours

Donation exclusion list:

  • Used Mattresses—due to bio hazard / bed bug concerns.
  • Chemicals—specialized disposal process (unless it is something we KNOW for SURE that we can use—i.e. select cleaning supplies)
  • Used Tires—also a specialized disposal process - very expensive to dispose of.
  • E-Waste Items (non-working electronics/appliances) - we currently DO NOT have the system, manpower, or budget in place to constantly recycle these.
  • Structurally-Compromised Furniture—we don't want any one getting hurt (personnel/customer) nor expose ourselves to potential lawsuits. However, there are VERY RARE EXCEPTIONS when the item is a repairable antique item (subject to management's approval).
  • Inflated Items (inflatable beds/pools/etc.)—unless it's one of those inflatable blow-up characters, we do not take these as well since they are USELESS punctured.
  • Car / Booster Seats—Due to recall issues we can only accept NEW.
  • Linens / Blankets / Soiled Sleeping Pillows -due to bio hazard / bed bug concerns. We will accept NEW.
  • Tube TVs—buying market is virtually gone; an expense to recycle.
  • Wet/Smelly/Damaged/Heavily-Soiled Articles (includes clothes, couches, toys, etc)—should be self-explanatory, but as always, we try to be courteous in explaining to customers WHY turning down their less-than-desirable conditioned items help curb our operating costs (which obviously, in-turn, keeps the shelter doors open).

We highly recommend that donors place items in clear plastic bags.

It is not a guarantee that your items will be taken at the time it is dropped off. Donations will be at the discretion of the Dock Lead/Associates. Thank you!

Donation pickups:

  • Monday-Thursday from 11am-4pm

Due to extreme volume in daily pickups, our schedule is at a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. Pickup hours do not guarantee a specific time at any destination. Due to traffic and drive time, pickups are based on the time window given above.

For more information on donation delivery or pickups please contact:Laurie Thomas, or (707) 446-6246

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Stop by Vacaville

107 Peabody Road
Vacaville, CA 95688
(707) 446-6246

Stop by Fairfield

1819 N. Texas Street
Fairfield, CA 94533
(707) 430-5726

Stores Manager

Laurie Thomas

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